Fitness Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers

Fitness Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for Gyms & Personal Trainers

Dominate Search Engine Results, Outrank Your Competitors & Generate More Leads to Your Gym is part of the Click Local network of websites, founded by internet marketing entrepreneur and online business owner, David Lurie.

Fitness marketing has always been David's passion having founded Gymlink way back in 2003 and selling it in early 2009. David then started Click Local an seo Melbourne based digital marketing agency and has built it up to become one of Australia's best seo companies providing search engine marketing and online lead generation solutions to hundreds of small businesses.

Click Local is now extending its range of internet marketing services to gym and personal trainers that want to generate more leads from the Internet.

Just some background information on David Lurie seo expert & passionate fitness marketer.

David has worked in the fitness industry since he was 19 years old. He is a qualified gym instructor holding a certificate 3 in fitness qualification. David had founded serveral successful traditional and online businesses that all rely on SEO to keep the leads and sales coming in.

David has spent an enourmous amount of money, countless hours of study and endured more pain and frustration than one would normally put up with, all in the aim of gaining the neccessary knowledge and skills required to be successful online.

David started and built his first online business in 2003 without having any real internet marketing knowledge.

Within 4 years the business grew into a million dollar a year turnover business.

In 2009 David sold out of the business, bought a house and had a long holiday. Within 6 months David set up Click Local and today he has over 500 clients nationally that use Click Local for a range of internet markeitng and online lead generation services. David networks with the best internet marketers in the wold and is always up with the latest trends in online marketing.

Why Fitness Marketing?
Because of his extensive online lead generation strategy development experience, David can quickly look at a gyms online fitness marketing strategy and identify growth opportunities and plug any holes to stop money being wasted.

Most gyms rely on a steady flow of leads coming to maintain and grow gym membership numbers.

Where do most gym owners get their fitness marketing knowledge from?

David believes that most gyms only ever reach aproximately 22% of their online lead generation potential, simply because they are limited in their resources. 

David also believes that when it comes to fitness marketing you need an internet marketing expert or online marketing consultant that understands the online space. You need to know what all the opportunities are and how they can benefit your business. Just because a medium exisits doesn't mean you should spend money doing it. Want to learn how to increase your website ranking on Google? You need to do SEO Training then!

Food for Thought
How many of you took out full page yellow pages adverts? The internet is the same... your fitness marketing needs to be localised and you need to know what is available and how each medium works.

The Game Changer
.... everything you do needs to be aligned with the other...othewise all you have is a bunch of taps dripping with no buckets underneath to catch the water....

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